InClinica is a global research consulting, clinical development, and manufacturing company, specializing in helping early stage companies make critical decisions on the development of their most valuable asset.

We are not like other CROs or CDMOs: we partner with you, bringing innovative ideas gained through long experience working at senior levels in the global pharmaceutical industry.

InClinica specializes in leading companies through all stages of the development process: from assessment of early research findings to clinical trial initiation. Our experience in drug and device development and our access to industry-trained researchers, who can discern an optimal development pathway, assess your preclinical data, and lead your team to the best clinical trial design and execution, distinguish us from other companies. Our extensive experience leads to a better anticipation of common and not-so-common mistakes, oversights and assumptions that can stop development of promising candidates.

InClinica can guide all phases of development, with particular emphasis on small to medium-sized companies who are in early preclinical development and entering first-in-human or phase 2 studies or who need to generate data related to 510k clearance, a de novo 510k application, or a PMA.

Our experience can help make the difference between the success or failure of an early candidate. Discover how InClinica can help move your molecule or your device successfully toward regulatory approval.

Meet the Team!

Meet our senior leadership team, who bring a wealth of experience in drug and device development and clinical trial management. With deep experience in multiple disease categories, access to world-class experts and a track record of timely, successful completion of trials, we invest ourselves fully in your success.