InClinica is a global, clinical contract research organization (CRO) specializing in diabetes along with other multiple disease states, drug targets, and device technologies, conducted across all stages of clinical trials.

InClinica specializes in leading companies through all stages of the clinical trial process. Our experience in drug and device development and access to world-class experts, who are critical to trial design and execution, lead to a better anticipation of common and not-so-common mistakes, oversights and assumptions that can derail a study.

InClinica serves all phases of clinical development, with particular strength assisting small to mid-sized companies who are entering first-in-human and phase 2 studies or who need to generate data related to 510k clearance, a de novo 510k application, or a PMA.

An experienced clinical CRO can be the difference between the success or failure of a clinical trial. Discover how InClinica can help move your molecule or your device successfully toward regulatory approval.

Life-Changing Clinical Trials

Get to know InClinica’s leadership team as they share their experiences and personal stories involving life-changing clinical trials. The unique expertise, passion, and team-oriented culture of InClinica ensures a positive relationship with their clients, all while advancing patient care.

Meet the Team!

Meet our senior leadership team, who bring a wealth of experience in drug and device development and clinical trial management. With deep experience in multiple disease categories, access to world-class experts and a track record of timely, successful completion of trials, we invest ourselves fully in your success.

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