The InClinica Difference

The InClinica Difference

The InClinica difference is founded upon the superior experience of its leadership and clinical management teams across all phases of development. Throughout their careers, InClinica staff members have played important roles in ground-breaking medical developments that have impacted lives across the globe.

Clinical Focus

InClinica has experience across all phases of drug development, with particular strength in assisting start-ups and small companies that are working on preclinical development or have progressed to first-in-human trials and phase II studies. Our talents, combining drug discovery and early development experience, make us unique as we bring together CDMO and CRO skills. This provides significant value to companies in these early clinical phases.


Our senior leadership team brings a wealth of experience in drug and device development and clinical trial management.

Our senior managers and subject experts have worked at major pharmaceutical companies and innovative start-ups as wells as in large CROs. And, with access to trusted world-class consultants, who are critical to product development, trial design and execution, we put our experience to work for you.

Our collective experience in drug and device development is extensive so we often anticipate the common and not so common mistakes, oversights and assumptions that derail developments, in order to keep your program on track.


We bring deep experience in diabetes/metabolic disease, oncology, and inflammatory diseases, along with experience in diseases as diverse as GI disorders, ophthalmology dermatology, women’s health and infectious disease.


With our team’s track record of timely, successful completion of trials at leading institutions around the world, we invest ourselves fully in your success.