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InClinica is regularly featured in regional, national, and international publications and other media outlets. This media coverage highlights our leadership in a variety of areas.

February 2019

Resumption of the US Government Shutdown Could Have Drastic Effects

In January 2019, a temporary measure reopened the US government until Feb. 15, 2019, allowing FDA to resume full operations. Failure to find a permanent solution could have dangerous ripple effects on patient safety and innovation. [more]

Pharmaceutical Technology

February 2019

Into the Corner Office – James Nolan, CEO, InClinica – Episode 53

James M. Nolan is an Operating Partner of Velocity Fund Partners, in Pittsburgh, Pa., where he currently serves as CEO for InClinica, a global CRO; CEO for SkinJect; Operations Partner for Velocity Fund; and President and CEO for E3 Therapeutics. [more]

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