2017 Media Coverage Archives

2017 Media Coverage Archives

May 2017

Hepatitis Market Update

In just a few short years, hepatitis infections could go from a serious disease to one that will be rare. Pharmaceutical companies have done much to address hepatitis in recent years. Today, hepatitis B is preventable with vaccination, and recent advances in treatment have made hepatitis C curable. [more]


March 2017

Sample Size Expansion

InClinica finds clinical research opportunities in Malaysia, as well as the region. [more]

Business Times

February 16, 2017

Taking the road to medical innovation

Clinical research is defined as the medical field involving the discovery of new drugs, medical devices or medical protocol. If you think clinical research is something done by people in lab coats in hospitals, you’re not wrong. [more]


January 23, 2017

When it comes to diabetes, will marketers break with tradition?

The fiercely competitive diabetes drug market is in line for a dramatic overhaul, one that would place more emphasis than ever on the well-being of the consumer. [more]