Clinical Support

Clinical Support

Our mission is to apply our in-depth experience and expertise in clinical research and development to lead our clients’ compounds and devices toward regulatory approval.

InClinica is experienced at leading companies through clinical trials. The company was founded in 2016 through the acquisition of an existing global clinical CRO.

Our senior management team averages more than 30 years’ experience in internal drug development. We have worked in multiple diseases and device technologies, conducted across all stages of clinical trials, in North America, Asia/Pacific, Europe and Latin America.

At InClinica, the team is everything to us and, we believe, to our clients. We have recruited and retained clinical trial professionals who understand, first, the Sisyphean task of finding a compound or fabricating a device that . . . actually . . . works. These professionals are also fully cognizant of what this means to a client who has endured and developed their drug or a device.

We work as a partner with you to determine the optimal route forwards in clinical development, laboratory science, commercialization of therapeutics and diagnostics, and related fields.

InClinica can guide you through executing clinical trials in many different therapeutic areas, either as experienced advisors or by providing full service solutions through dedicated staff, trusted contractors or a combination of both. Our regulatory advisors have held positions in the FDA and EMA, have worked in industry, and can provide strong strategic regulatory guidance to early stage programs in drugs or device.